Active member

You want to become active for Amnesty and join our Student Group? You can become an active member or a flex member. As an active member you can join one or more of our committees. Our group consists of five different committees: Action, Education, Fundraising, In-Depth and Promotion. These committees are responsible for different tasks and activities, just have a look at them and decide what would suit you best!


Flex member

Are you not sure if you have enough time to join a committee next to your study and other activities? Then Flex membership might be just the right thing for you: You can help by your own initiative in all activities such as Writing Evenings, Movie Nights and other activities, just contact us. Additionally we will invite you to help out at bigger activities that need some extra helping hands such as petitioning, major events, band nights, if you give us your contact … so keep a close eye on your email/our facebook-page to stay updated on what you can do!

Interested in becoming an active or flex member? Contact us: