Our Student Group has 4 Board positions: Chairwoman, Treasurer, Secretary and PR/Promo who each have individual tasks within the board and the student group.

Are you thinking about joining the Amnesty Wageningen Students Board but are not sure what the 4 board positions actually entail, and what tasks they include? Then here’s a quick overview:



  • Plan, set up agenda and lead board meetings
  • Keep a general overview of all activities going on, development, events coming up, preparations
  • First contact person for board
  • Monitor the general well-being of (board/chair) members, regulate workload and any issues coming up



  • Take notes ( minutes ) during the board meetings
  • Take care of all emails and contacts to the headquarter and partners
  • You are the contact person for the whole group
  • Be present at the different events the committees are organizing
  • Register new members



  • Keep overview of all incomes/expenditures of the group
  • Collect, organize and keep all receipts
  • Holder of the bank account
  • Refunds expenses made for activities
  • Helps the Fundraising committee to organize yearly collecte/ charity week ( beginning of March)
  • Usually joins the Fundraising committee to have a better overview of all financial matters



  • Monitor Social Media
  • Support the promotion committee with their tasks:
    • Promote events in different platforms
    • Take pictures during events and share them afterwards
    • Design posters for each period and bigger events
    • Establish direct contact with committee to monitor promo process
    • Host the website
  • Take care of the newsletter once a period


Additionally tasks come up in the weekly business, that become divided according to the workload and time available
of the different board persons. If one board member becomes overloaded with his role, next to the study, other board
members help out and take tasks over to reduce the workload.