Do you want to dive deeper into blatant human rights issues? Do you want to learn more in-depth about human rights topics or feel passionate about a certain topic that relates to Amnesty and want to spread awareness to your fellow Wageningen students? Then this is the perfect platform. Next to the Movie Night each period, we organise in-depth events surrounding refugees, women’s rights, gay pride, ethnic profiling, torture, violence and many more. Take initiative, try new things, be enthusiastic and passionate about your topic.

Activities: Movie Nights each period, lectures, debates, discussions, and anything else “in-depth”

Time input: one weekly lunch meeting, in the week of the activity some more time + the activity itself

What you can do: gain in-depth knowledge on human rights cases, learn how to arrange a location, contact speakers, lead an in-depth discussion or make a short presentation on a topic, collect and prepare background information


Interested in becoming an In-Depth member? Contact us: